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Submit a Quote

Unfortunately, due to programmer ignorance (that'd be me) I couldn't configure this form to work with a cgi-bin file and my server. Thus any input you've submitted will not appear on the quote page until I repost it.

-For those of you who don't know what that meant, it means that when you submit a quote you'd like to share it will not appear on the quote page until I edit it and add the new information.

Do not fear, I will update the quote page weekly (if not faster) and add your input.

In the message would you please include:
  1. The quote - That's a toughie

  2. Name - Your first name or handle (i.e. Valas) is acceptable.

  3. Email address - (if different than the one you are sending the message from)
    • Please say if you prefer not to have you're email address displayed on the quotes page
    Don't display my email address.

  4. Type of quote - Is it...

  5. Who (or what) is being quoted - please also include a description of them (it) if not commonly known.

  6. Why - a short explanation (under 200 words, let's say) of what you feel the quote means and why it is significant.

  7. Comments - any comments you have about my pages, please include suggestions, what you liked, and constructive criticism. (i.e. not "You dumb $&%#, this page sucks", but tell what you feel needs more work)

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