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The Abhorrent Emperors of Rome

Throughout the history of the Roman Empire, one has witnessed the a plethora of great leaders who have lead their country to prosperity. From Augutus, to Constantine, Rome has had a fair share of great emperors. However, we tend to forget the leaders who have depleted the reputation of Rome. Nero, who unjustifiably persecuted thousands of Christians, Caligula, who demanded he be treated like a god, and Dominitan, who supposedly tortured people by burning their sexual organs. These villainous emperors have been overshadowed by the greatness of some the finest leaders in the history of Rome, and yet their infamous and wretched works are still considered to be as one of the most horrendous acts in the history of mankind.

Caligula Nero Domitian
Picture of Caligula Picture of Nero Picture of Domitian
12 C.E.-41 C.E. 37 C.E.-68 C.E. 51 C.E.-96 C.E.

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