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"I found my friends / They're in my head"

Bush The official site of the band Bush Official Bush Site
Text file of the lyrics to Glycerine. Glycerine text
RealAudio file of my favorite song, Glycerine. Glycerine.ra
RealAudio of an acoustic recording of Comedown Comedown live
RealAudio of Mouth remixed by Stingray Stingray's Mouth remix

Tool Tool's official site. Official Tool Site
An unofficial yet better tool site. Toolshed
The lyrics of the songs on the Aenima release. Aenima lyrics
A midi file of the song H. H.mid
A midi file of the song Eulogy. Eulogy.mid

Super Deluxe Revolution's Super Deluxe page. Revolution's Supedeluxe Site
Years Ago wav clip (474 k) Years Ago
A 51 minute realaudio recording of Super Deluxe's Bumbershoot '97 concert. I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a fast connection during off-peak hours Bumbershoot '97
Quicktime movie clips (.mov) of Famous (2.3Mb), She Came On (2.2Mb), and All I Wanted Was A Skateboard (1.6Mb).
Quicktime Movies
Wav clips of Lizadrin, She Came On, Disappearing, Suitcases, and Years Ago thanks to Super Deluxe Central S. D. Central's wavs

Rammstein Rammstein's official page Rammstein's official page
RealAudio file of Rammstein's Du Hast Du Hast
A Rammstein page with a lot of pics of the band Rammstein pictures
A great page with a lotta videos, lyrics, pics, and a chatroom Videos, lyrics, and more
A movie clip of Rammstein playing with fire. (it's cool, check it out)(1.1Mb) Rammstein and fire!

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