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Kender are a fantasy species which appear in the Dragon Lance series. They are about four feet tall and weigh about 100 pounds. Many of your possesions tend to jump into their pouches (accidentely of course). They do not have to ability to fear. Kender are struck with wanderlust at an early age. A Kender's birthright is a lockpicking set

Web site of proverbs about Kender
"When in doubt test it on a Kender." -Locksmith or black robed mage.
"Wherever a rat can go 2 Kender will be." -Kender saying

Tasselhof Burrfoot
The single most famous kender. He is one of the main characters in the Dragon Lance Chronicles. Known as Tas to his friends, Tasselhof was a hero of the Lance and a vital part in the battle against Choas, Father of All and Nothing, father of the gods.

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